• Loading / Unloading conveyor for bottles.
  • Electronic controls to verify the presence of the bottles Double endless screw takes group of 4/6 bottles carrying under the filling area.
  • Checking unit to control presence of bottle in the endless screw.
  • If the bottle is missed the machine stops automatically.
  • Filling group consisting of 4/6 solid dispensers (according to the model) assembled on fitting clamps.
  • Lobe supplier pump for liquids / creams with 3 inverter programmable speeds with variable acceleration and deceleration.
  • A time management control panel for needle opening and their movement.
  • Needle movement group with a BRUSHLESS ENGINE with a 250MM RUN, with 4 programmable speeds (1 descent speed and 3 independent ascending speeds)
  • Nr. 4/6 needles with pneumatic closure with clamp fittings (according to the models)
  • Adjustable valve aperture at the end of each bottle During the filling operation, the second endless screw loads other 4/6 bottles.
  • When the first filling operation is finished the mass feeder section moves to the other 4/6 bottles ready to be filled.
  • Touch Screen control panel with tube support, complete with all necessary switches, warning lights, start-, stop- and emergency push buttons