• Safety enclosure around upper machine part, with hinged protection covers built in glass material and provided with safety micro-switches stopping the machine when covering doors are opened.
  • Strong and solid machine frame, adjustable in height with feet and pads, built in welded tubular profiles made of stainless steel AISI 304, laterally closed with panels made of stainless steel AISI 304 being easily removable to reach drive units and mechanisms installed in the interior.
  • Infeed conveyor to transfer the bottles to the filling area and star-wheel.
  • In line filling unit composed by one or more devices such as peristaltic pumps, syringes, pneumatic doser or other kind. The filling unit is easily adjustable via the control panel
  • Set of diving nozzles descending into the containers during the filling operations.
  • Star-wheel, working with intermittent motion and designed to handle base size of containers. It can be easily disassembled to allow quick change of format set.
  • Main drive unit with easy machine electronic speed variation.
  • Automatic loading supply equipped with a stainless steel AISI 304/316 sliding device for the selection, transport and positioning on the bottle of under-caps/caps or cover-caps.
  • Presence control of under-caps/caps/cover-caps on the bottle. If the control has a negative outcome, the machine stops. Alternatively the machine can reject the defective object.
  • Adjustable magnetic clutch head closure for screw caps. Alternatively it is possible to mount a head seamer or a head for pressure closure caps.
  • Power board, complete with all necessary electrical equipment, switches,  start-stop- and emergency push buttons.
  • PLC, steel electric panel, machine control panel eventual touch screen.
  • Outfeeding conveyor
  • All parts in contact with product can be easily inspected and removed for cleaning purposes.
  • The machine is designed for GMP-FDA regulation. CE mark.
  • The machine is designed to work under sterile requirements



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