Comas has always been attentive to customer requests through its after-sales technical assistance and has dedicated itself in recent years to further increasing the after-sales service in order to ensure a prompt and efficient response.



The spare parts are designed to fully meet the technical and safety specifications of the machine and come with a quality certificate Certified original spare parts


Comas offers various solutions to extend the warranty of its equipment up to 48 months


Through our assistance service you can schedule annual or semi-annual maintenance, always carried out by our specialised technicians


Through our specialised technicians we can carry out preventive visits to check the state of the machinery and advise you in the best way


To make your machinery older than 10 years new again and innovated with the new technologies on the market


The machines are equipped with new generation PLCs of the most renowned brands, operating panels and touchscreen panel PCs for complete management by the operators, through the HMI interface specially developed on the SCADA platform.


Each machine can be equipped with remote control devices for diagnostics and service.



Managed by inverters and drives, with speed regulation from the operator panel; moreover, the motors can be brushless with torque and positioning control.



Each machine is equipped with optical, laser and ultrasonic sensors to carry out checks during production and ensure proper bottle filling, assembly and capping; smart cams and vision systems are installed for more complex checks.



Main motor drives, sensors and solenoid valves are connected to the PLC via various fieldbuses (Ethercat, Ethernet/IP, Profinet) to simplify wiring, diagnostics and service.



Guaranteed by special certified sensors, integrated inside the hinges of the doors and by dedicated, suitably-wired electronic modules, according to the regulations in force.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The machine is managed using Human Machine Interface (HMI) Multilingual software, designed and developed internally, so as to provide a complete view of the status and control of the machine itself; the HMI software is “customized” for each application and integrates the following operations:

• General machine status display with production data, current recipe, sensor status
• Work cycles and functions
• Machine management (speed and dosage adjustment), working and cleaning procedures, etc.)
• Alarm display and management
• Recipe management and formats
• User management
• Maintenance
• Production data collection


On request, the HMI software can be developed according to CRF21 Part 11 (US) & Annex 11 (Europe) Software Standard Requirements:

• Password management: group and user level, expiration time, password change request, etc.
• Management and access permissions: user access and sign out, operations according to permissions, user auto logoff
• Audit Trail: registered users, alarm recognition and reset operations, modified values, recipe activation
• Backup and restore of critical process data


For many years, we have been working closely with the main packaging manufacturers to supply turn-key filling and packaging solutions.

Thanks to this expertise, today we are able to supply solutions, ideal for many of the most popular systems available on the markets.

Comas offers the opportunity to meet product development as well as source the very latest products innovation on this market.

Until today, thanks to the processes of research, developing and innovation, more and more packaging is designed and manufactured to be integrated with the final product to be supplied.
The conservation, protection, integrity and counterfeiting of the product have led to the development of new solutions of various technological levels.
It is one of the Comas priorities, collaborating in the implementation and integration of new systems in the machine’s technology, so as to verify its advantages and transfer it to the end user.

This is our business and what we have in our history that is intrinsic to our company philosophy.