Most of the material processing takes place in our plants and all the assembly processes are managed by our qualified staff that undergo on-going training to ensure that they are always up-to-date with new developments and technologies. COMAS certifies and guarantees the production of its systems according to both EU standards and the international FDA and GMP regulations.

Thanks to the long experience in the Pharmaceutical market Comas is able to contribute on new developments on Nutraceutical products.

Thnutraceuticis symbol indicates machines available
also for nutraceuticals


For many years, we have been working closely with the main packaging manufacturers to supply turn-key filling and packaging solutions.

Thanks to this expertise, today we are able to supply solutions, ideal for many of the most popular systems available on the markets.

Comas offers the opportunity to meet product development as well as source the very latest products innovation on this market.

Until today, thanks to the processes of research, developing and innovation, more and more packaging is designed and manufactured to be integrated with the final product to be supplied.
The conservation, protection, integrity and counterfeiting of the product have led to the development of new solutions of various technological levels.
It is one of the Comas priorities, collaborating in the implementation and integration of new systems in the machine’s technology, so as to verify its advantages and transfer it to the end user.

This is our business and what we have in our history that is intrinsic to our company philosophy.