Brunelleschi is known for the great dome of the Florence Cathedral, a work of the highest engineering and architecture.
His great merit was also building and inventing construction machines, capable of lifting large weights at unimaginable heights at that time.
However, the uniqueness of its machines attracted the attention of the main engineers of the fifteenth century – Taccola, Francesco di Giorgio, Bonaccorso Ghiberti and Giuliano da Sangallo, who recorded them extensively in their drawings.

Even the young Leonardo da Vinci carefully reported in his drawings, these technologies used for the construction of the dome.

leonardo da vinci argano a tre velocita

 LEONARDO DA VINCI – Brunelleschi’s three-speed hoist

Mariano di jacopo - il taccola-gru_di_Brunelleschi

MARIANO DI IACOPO, called TACCOLA – Horse-driven version of the Brunelleschi hoist