Articolo pubblicato su “La Nazione”, “Il Giorno”, “Il Resto del Carlino” e la sezione fiorentina del “Corriere della Sera”.

This article was published on the following Italian newspapers: “La Nazione”, “Il Giorno”, “Il Resto del Carlino” and the florentine edition of “Corriere della Sera”.


A flagship of Made in Italy in the world, Comas Srl was established in 1979 and so celebrates, this year, its 40th birthday, is a manufacturing company of machines for liquid filling and capping for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

The company, which has its registered office in San Casciano val di Pesa (FI) and the production site in Poggibonsi (SI) exports 70% of its production and employs thirty people.

Comas takes directly care of all the phases from designing to delivery. The company uses a network of agents on all continents for the sales.

“The production process is completed internally by mechanical design, software and hardware, until the testi at the customer’s plant -explains Franco Cappelli, president and CEO of the company- also, by 2022 we would likely complete some acquisition for both the market and facilities improving. We are a specialist company: we produce machinery made after the request of our clients. We don’t have any standard product”.