• Manual loading of the bottle by an operator.
  • A kit of 34 containers (commonly called “pucks “ or “godet”) adjustable for the bottles that carry these to the various filling and closing stages.
  • Glass and anodized aluminium accident protections.A stainless steel standard AISI 304 frame.
  • Motorizing system and various group movements. Mechanical speed motor variator.
  • Electronic controls to verify the presence of the bottle, the cap, and the eventual under-cap.
  • Filling group consisting of 4/6 solid dispensers (according to the model) assembled on fitting clamps.
  • Lobe supplier pump for liquids / creams with 3 inverter programmable speeds with variable acceleration and deceleration.
  • A time management control panel for needle opening and their movement.
  • Needle movement group with a BRUSHLESS ENGINE with a 250MM RUN, with 4 programmable speeds (1 descent speed and 3 independent ascending speeds)
  • Nr. 4/6 needles with pneumatic closure with clamp fittings (according to the models).
  • Manual cap loading by an operator. Possibility of inserting an automatic supplier.
  • Closure head with adjustable magnetic clutch for screw-caps. Alternatively it is possible to assemble a head seamer or a head for the pressure closure of the caps.
  • PLC, steel electric panel,machinery with a  touch screen control panel, possibility of memorizing up to 50 dosage programs.
  • Bottle unload with a double system of pick and place for bottle extraction from the puck.
  • Unloading conveyor.



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